Blame Game: BoConcept Won’t Be Your Scapegoat

We happen to be of Danish ancestry, and while we’re still figuring out how to parlay the presence of Georg Jensen on a distal branch of our family tree into a discount on vintage holloware, we tend to like a whole lot of what’s coming out of Copenhagen these days (we’re liable to talk your ear off about Day Birger et Mikkelsen). But we’re not appreciating the new sassiness of Danish furniture company BoConcept. Last night, we spotted this ad on a bus shelter on East 57th Street, a couple of blocks from their newest Brand Store:


And then we logged on to their website and spotted this one:


They take things to a rather absurd extreme with one press release titled “If You Don’t Think You Can Bring Nature Indoors — Don’t Blame Us.” That one makes our head hurt. We know that they’ve recently rebranded themselves as the world’s #1 source for “customized urban design” and all, but this marketing approach is a bit too in-your-face for our taste. In trying to distance themselves from the “streamlined standard,” they’ve adopted a tone we associate with, say, Manhattan Mini-Storage. Plus it contrasts with this serene guiding statement by BoConcept CEO Viggo Molholm: “Our happiness is often a direct result of the amount of personal freedom we have in our daily lives. The more options and opportunities we have, the better we feel.”