Blame Anthony Haden-Guest

Anna: the index

We were just giving the new Anna Wintour biography the Washington read. (Open index; search for own name.) F-I-S-H-B-O…hmmm, no Fishbowl. But we did come across several entries about New York magazine (full disclosure: our alma mater), one of which fingers a key person responsible for putting Anna Wintour where she is today:

Anna’s buddy Anthony Haden-Guest, who contributed a number of stories about the modeling business to New York, got the gold ring this time around for helping her get the fashion editor’s position at the slick Big Apple weekly.

Ah, the early ’80s: when you could still let Anthony-Haden Guest make all the important decisions.

frontrow.jpgThough, we have to admit, the sub-index to “Anna Wintour” actually makes us sympathetic to Wintour. Some sample listings:
· cold reputation of, 26
· controlling style, 180, 244-46
· cries, 183-184, 214-215, 252, 348
· editor-from-hell reputation, 122-23, 125-29, 177-79, 213, 217-19, 236-37, 258, 263-64, 316-17
· eyesight, poor, 24, 215-16 [Ed.—Finally! An explanation for John Galliano!]
· legs, her obsession with, 32