Blackboard Just Signed Deals with 4 Publishers

Blackboard announced yesterday (in 4 different press releases) that it had reached an agreement with no less than 4 academic and technical publishers: Wiley, Cengage Learning, MacMillan, and Pearson.

Blackboard’s deals with the 4 publishers are largely the same.  Each publisher will be providing content to Blackboard so it can be integrated into Blackboard Learn. This will enable students at educational institutions to easily sign on  through Blackboard and access the digital learning solutions and content provided by each publisher.

“Blackboard has become the platform of choice for the management of teaching and learning in thousands of schools and universities, and our collaboration will allow us to fully leverage the capabilities of Blackboard Learn to deliver all of our digital content and learning systems to our instructors and students in ways that are simple and powerful,” said Brian Napack, President of Macmillan.