BlackBerry Should Send CEO John Chen To Talk To the Media More Often

He did a great job on "CBS This Morning."

BlackBerry has been up against some very rough times, but the company keeps pushing, trying to get back into the hands, pockets, briefcases and purses of people around the world.

Today, CEO John Chen spoke with Nora, Charlie and Gayle (“a ride or die BlackBerry girl”) on CBS This Morning about the latest phone, how a few new colors could make the phone cooler, and why the government is still hanging on to their BBs.

He faces some very frank questions about the company’s losses and the fact that people have very much fallen out of love with the devices. But he’s also personable, clear and focused. And at a time when we’re getting daily dumps from the Sony leak and data breaches are common, his emphasis on the security that the BlackBerry provides is a smart messaging strategy.

Suggestion for the PR team: Chen should be talking to the media more, pressing these security issues, targeting the corporate and enterprise clients he seeks and putting a face to the BlackBerry, which could use an image beyond the bygone mobile phones most people think back on when they hear the name. He’s a solid voice for the struggling company.