Blackberry Playbook is Now a Serious Threat to Android Tablets

Blackberry has  confirmed that the Playbook, its 10″ tablet, would indeed support Android apps. This had long been rumored, and it is a very good idea.

Note that it’s not complete compatibility, but even a partial match is a good thing.

The Playbook will still run QNX, and it will still be a Blackberry tablet. But now that it can run Android apps it’s no longer confined to the tiny BB niche anymore. Now the Playbook will be competing against all Android tablets in the Android niche and it will rule the BB niche.

There are a lot of potential buyers who were weighing the costs and benefits of Android vs QNX. Any that already own a BB will now very likely go for the Playbook, which means RIM just sold a lot more of them.

The Playbook is due out on April 19th, with a retail of $399 for the 8GB  model.