BlackBerry Plans To Beat Twitter At Its Own Game And I Just Found A Unicorn

Everyone wants to be a “social platform” these days. From Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters to the re-imagined MySpace, heck even Taco Bell is trying to position itself as a “platform”TacOS?

And now we have BlackBerry making an end run to snag the “social platform” golden ring away from those slackers (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) by introducing “channels.”

CNnet shares that “BlackBerry wants to take on Twitter by creating its own social network through its BlackBerry Messenger service.”

The company on Tuesday unveiled BBM Channel, which allows users and brands to create a BBM profile that other users can follow, similar to how people can follow brands and users on Twitter.

Launching in beta today, “users will be able to receive notifications when new posts are available, and are able to choose how they will be notified. In addition, they can comment, ‘like,’ and share other comments. There’s also the opportunity for one-to-one chatting, allowing brands and notable users to create private dialogues with other BBM members.”

Users will be able to track metrics such as subscribers and engagement, but The Verge is calling it a “quasi-channel” (not really a threat to anyone) and we’d have to agree: Although any user can create a Channel, traditional one-on-one communication is only possible when the Channel owner initiates a chat.

Unlike many new features, Channels isn’t limited to the latest software; it’s available in beta on everything from BlackBerry 5 to BlackBerry 10.

Do you plan to create a channel of your very own?

(Image from Shutterstock)