BlackBerry OS 7 Delay May be Bad News for – Microsoft?

Are RIM’s BlackBerry OS 7 based devices delayed as reported by BGR?

RIM to launch 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook this fall; OS 7 devices delayed?

BGR notes that they originally reported OS 7 devices would be available in June or July. They now believe the devices will not be available until mid-August at the earliest. This is, actually, not very far off. While this may be a problem for RIM’s bottom-line, it may be even a bigger problem for Microsoft’s mobile strategy. If BGR’s delay story is true, Microsoft will have delays on all of its mobile strategy front:

1. Windows Phone “Mango” update is not expected until later this year or early 2012
2. Nokia Windows Phone is presumably tied to both Mango’s release and Nokia’s spin on Mango
3. Microsoft’s Bing integration into BlackBerry OS 7 is now also on the delayed list

Microsoft is in dire need of a mobile story win between now and a Mango/Nokia release. Ironically, their best mobile story is in the iOS (iPhone/iPad) space with well done and well received apps like Bing for iPad and PhotoSynth for iPhone.