BlackBerry App World Launches: Minimum App Price Free or $2.99

PCMag’s Sascha Segan gives us the details about the newly launched BlackBerry App World…
CTIA: RIM Launches BlackBerry App World
Developers pay RIM $200 for up to 10 submissions. Note that this does not mean 10 apps. This includes updates and resubmissions. This compares to Microsoft’s fee of $99 for up to five submissions in 2009. After that, Windows Mobile developers will need to pay a $99 annual fee and $99 per submitted app. Updates, however, will not require an additional payment. Apple charges a single $99 fee. BlackBerry devs will take home a bit more than their iPhone dev counterparts: 80% vs. 70%. Of course, if BlackBerry app sales do not explode, iPhone devs could still bring home more total dollars.
One factor in BlackBerry devs’ favor is that while free apps are allowed, the minimum price for a paid app is set at $2.99.
BTW: You need to spend an additional $5 and use PayPal to buy apps with a bit more secuirty. Check out the PayPal Security Key page for more information.