Black Friday? Thanksgiving Day Online Sales Up 20%

Credit CardOnline shopping on Thanksgiving increased by almost 20 percent over last year with mobile driving about a quarter of those sales, according to an IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report.

Mobile was up across all categories. It accounted for about 43% of all Thanksgiving online traffic, a 32 percent increase over last year; and mobile drove 26 percent of sales, up by nearly 50 percent.

Among devices, smartphones were the clear winners when it came to browsing, but tablets continued to clean up as the primary vehicle for purchases. Smartphone browsing made up 27 percent of Thursday’s overall traffic, but only 9 percent of sales. Tablets accounted for about 15 percent of the traffic and 16.5 percent of overall sales, nearly double the smartphone sale percentage. Purchases made via tablet also averaged slightly higher than smartphone sales.

IBM also found that iOS users made more purchases–four and half times as many–and spent more on each item compared to Android fans. The iOS users also drove more of the total Thanksgiving online shopping traffic: 30 percent to Android’s 12 percent.

New Yorkers proved themselves the most willing to shop on Thanksgiving with the city ranking No. 1 in online sales compared to other regions. Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., rounded out the top five among cities. The average Thanksgiving purchase order was $127.59