The Black Friday Battle On Twitter: Kohls Vs. Macy’s Vs. Walmart Vs. Target [STATS]

A record-breaking Black Friday has come and gone, and shoppers can now rest easy with their discounted purchases in hand. But just how did all of those Black Friday commercials influence shoppers?

Visible Technologies explored the consumer response on Twitter to the barrage of Black Friday advertising last week, and discovered that not all jingles are created equal – especially when one is modeled after a certain Ms. Black’s song extolling the virtues of Friday, Friday…

Kohls Vs. Macy’s

Despite what you might have heard, the adage “any publicity is good publicity” isn’t necessarily true on social media.

The Twitter-verse didn’t take too kindly to Kohls using Rebecca Black’s “Friday, Friday” tune for their Black Friday jingle. And although the chart below shows that Kohls beat out its competitor Macy’s in the volume of tweets, the majority of these were annoyed at the choice of song.

The tweet above is a perfect example of the sentiment that Kohls experienced leading up to Black Friday – annoyance. Not the best sentiment if you’re hoping that shoppers will want to flock to your store on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Walmart Vs. Target

Walmart and Target were another two close competitors looking to score big on Black Friday, and judging from the Twitter response, Walmart won out. The big box store received both a higher volume of tweets and more positive sentiment than Target, unlike Kohls.

And the Black Friday winner is…

But the comparison between Kohls and Walmart – despite both earning the lion’s share of tweets in their respective retail categories – ends there. When you put all of the major retailers together and examine who got the most tweets, Walmart simply dominates. A full 56.9 percent of the conversation about retailers was about Walmart. Coming in second was Target with 27.2 percent of the conversation, and a distant third was Sears with 5.9 percent.

(Statistics and graphs: Visible Technologies; Top image: Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs via Shutterstock)