Black Friday Looms; Get Your Shop On

Spoiler alert! is a website that for 6 years running shows off most major retail stores Black Friday sales a few weeks in advance. Why is this important? Well it gives you time to do some comparison shopping.
This website allows for the following functionalities:

*View early sales at most major retailers to get a head start on your Black Friday sales.

*Compare prices of a certain product at multiple stores- all from the comfort of your computer chair.

*Check out product reviews.

*For certain special products, it allows you to purchase the same item online for the same price or even less than offered in the ad.

*Help you determine if you should hold off on that purchase and wait for BF.

The website is user-friendly as well. It breaks down the sales by category (computers, hardware, and TVs to name a few) and by store. In addition to that, it has running posts that announce the newest and latest sales to be added to the website.

For those that are Black Friday followers, this site provides everything you need and more to get ahead of the crowds on the craziest shopping day of the year. And for those of us that are terrified to go outside on that day but really have an eye on a certain digital camera, this is a safe environment to spot the bargains and formulate a game plan.

Other online shopping info sites we dig this time of year include FatWallet, SlickDeals and Shopzilla.

There are 12 days before the shopping madness begins; prepare accordingly.