Black Dahlia Gelato–Brutal Murder in a Crispy Waffle Cone

ice cream.jpg

The 1947 Project creators, who also run the Crime Bus, have teamed up with Scoops Gelato for a promotion that might push the bounds of good taste, while still tasting good. (We love how we did that.) They got Tai Kim to make Black Dahlia ice cream. Or gelato. And as they say:

So what does the Black Dahlia gelato taste like? According to Tai, like White Licorice (an anise and lemon blend), Black Tea and Rosewater, Blackberry and Orange Blossom, Pomegranate and Poppy Seed, Blood Orange Sorbet, Black Currant with Blueberry and Anise Sorbet, Dark Chocolate andRaspberry, White Chocolate and Black Sea Salt Mousse, White Chocolate andCranberry Syrup, Vanilla and Whiskey and Jasmine Tea and Raisin.

Thankfully, this is available for a limited time only.

FBLA spent some time at the Random Ice Cream Generator, and we still couldn’t do better than Noodle Spinach Sausage Swirl.

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