Blabnote lets you do social networking by Blabbering

blanote_banner.jpgIf the idea of social networking without the need for a username and the usual login sound cool to you, then Blabnote may just be the thing for you. Blabnote is a social network that makes use of something that social network geeks like us all have – voice.

Currently in beta, using Blabnote you can create groups, add contacts, send message, perform conference call, listen to messages sent to you plus more.

How does Blabnote works? By simply calling the Blabnote number, you’ll get connected to Blabnote’s application which will recognize your number and will load up all your profile information. Once connected you can pretty much do what you normally do in a social network. Only this time, you don’t use your mobile phones keypad, but rather your voice. Blabnote is able to provide its service through its magical voice recognition technology.

So, if you want to add names in your group contact list, just say “Add name1, name2, name3 to Group Name” and those contacts will be added to the said group. If you want to start a conference call, all you have to do, or say rather is – “call group name” and all the contacts you added on the said group will be ringed simultaneously to start off a conference call.

Sounds cool, eh? Blabnote is currently on by-invitation-beta-mode. It would definitely be an innovative social networking site once it gets launched officially. And we couldn’t wait any longer to try it out.