BizSugar: Content for Small Businesses

This is a Web site that offers the latest stories and news that is pertinent to small and medium-size business owners. Similar to Digg, it allows the readers to vote and “give it some sugar” if the enjoy the story. The website then ranks the stories by two categories: ones with the most sugar (in other words, the most popular) and the most recently submitted stories. It also has a category ranking for different topics such as marketing, finance, international trade, success stories, and technology. The purpose of bizSugar seems to be two-fold. If you are seeking out the easiest way to find out relevant news to your small business, bizSugar is attempting to create a one stop shop for you. If you are trying to promote your business or blog, bizSugar allows you to post content from your site and give the capability to have not only your readers rate it, but to drive additional traffic to your site.

The site is simple, clean, and easy to use. (It is based on the Pligg open source content management system.) It provides a format that is both functional to use and aesthetically pleasing, but it is not over the top. This website nailed it by offering a wealth of information as well as a built-in marketing tool.

Does the world have room for yet another ‘wisdom of crowds’ Website? Perhaps. If you’re a small business owner you will probably find the site useful to cut through the noise and find relevant biz articles.