Biziboard Keyboard on iOS Supports Google Image Search Without Leaving Conversations

The app supports Google Image Search, as well as a full database of custom emojis, to help you add more personality to your text conversations.

Biziboard Keyboard

Dreamfish Labs has released its Biziboard Keyboard app on iOS, giving users the ability to pull images into their conversations via Google Image Search, or choose custom emojis from the BiziMarket database.

Biziboard Keyboard 2When using Biziboard, users can toggle two main views. One offers a field for searching Google images, along with instant access to the BiziMarket emoji database, where users can copy and paste pictures into their conversations.

The other view is a temporary replacement of these two buttons with an emoji prediction field, which shows emojis relating to the current conversation for easy access (talk about love, for instance, and heart emojis may appear). This is similar to Swiftkey’s recent integration of emoji prediction in its own keyboard app.

Users can change the color of the keyboard, with blue and red available to start, and seven more colors unlocked as users engage with the keyboard over time.

Biziboard Keyboard is available to download on the iTunes App Store, and is free for a limited time. The app will be improved in future versions, and has already received an update to its autocorrect and image search functionalities.