Bizarre: Project Playlist, While Being Sued, Buys Remnants Of Competitor

Project PlaylistWeird news from the music world via MediaMemo:
Project Playlist, an online music service that’s currently being sued by both Warner Music and Universal Music Group, just purchased the dying remnants of its ex-competitor, Total Music—which, by the way, is owned in part by Universal Music Group.

Then Project Playlist announced that because of the purchase, there is now “some overlap in certain areas” and they’re going to have to let some employees go, both from Project Playlist and from Total Music. Buying a competitor which was shut down earlier this year and then laying off some of your own guys? Must be a great purchase.

Or not. Peter Kafka writes:

Total Music, which Universal started in the fall of 2007 and shut down this February…was supposed to be a subscription music service that got bundled in with devices or with ISPs/cable guys/telcos, etc. Given that it never, to my understanding, streamed a single song or collected a penny in revenue, it’s interesting to see that Project Playlist thinks there’s something there worth buying.

Even weirder? According to their own site, they’re hiring.

Bizarre, bizarre story. Anyone in there know what Project Playlist is thinking?