BitTorrent Sync Updated to Support File Creation, Editing

The file-sharing app now allows users to create new files or edit their existing files on their device, and share them to Sync folders.

BitTorrent has released an update to its BitTorrent Sync file-sharing app on mobile devices, giving users the ability to create new files or edit their existing files without being at the computer. BitTorrent Sync allows users to share their files from device to device without using the cloud, and offers unlimited sharing capacity with no folder size limits.

Previously, the Sync app allowed users to preview their items in folders, and send these files to another application to actually open them. However, once users edited a file, it couldn’t be synced back to other devices. Now, however, the app allows users to pull a file out of a folder, edit it in the appropriate app, and save the new version back to Sync.

In the case of a work spreadsheet, for instance, users could pull the file out of a Sync folder shared among colleagues, make an edit, and save the new version back to the shared folder for their coworkers to access.

In terms of file creation, users can now create new files on their device, such as note pages or videos, and share the files out to Sync via the ‘Save to Sync’ button in the device’s sharing menu. This allows users to share content directly from their native camera roll, for instance, rather than being required to access the camera roll from within Sync, as was previously the case.

Erik Pounds, vice president of product management for BitTorrent Sync, told us:

This update is an important one for us because it gives mobile power users the tools they need to be productive, both for work or personal activity. For all the desktop tasks that can now be done on a mobile device, the files you produce can live directly within a Sync folder, letting you share with the people and devices that need them, or to make edits on the go. And since we’re building on top of BitTorrent Sync technology, all this happens directly within your personal ecosystem without going through another company’s servers; it’s fully private and works fast.

The updated BitTorrent Sync app will be available to download today on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store. Premium features, such as support for an unlimited number of folders and the ability to change folder access permissions, are available via yearly subscription options.