BitTorrent Hits 40 Million Mobile Users

BitTorrent gained 15 million new mobile users in less than six months, bringing its total number up to 40 million app users, the company said.

The music, video and general file sharing site runs a variety of apps across Android, iOS and Windows. Its Android offering is the most robust with simply more app options, including its namesake Torrent App, the Remote app, which lets existing users access files on their home computers, and the uTorrent app lets you search and download new content straight to your smartphone. The relatively new Sync app lets users share files across their devices. It is also available on iOS and Windows.

BitTorrent said its Android Torrent app features an improved tutorial for new users and better video playback after an update earlier this month.

The file-sharing site’s users have at various times been targeted by book publishers and the music and movie industries over piracy issues. BitTorrent’s newer features, like the Sync app, aim for a broader audience, from backing up iPhone photos to simply swapping files from among personal devices with no size-limit fears.

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