Bite Into Volvo

This is an interesting little find, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to sneak our way into finding a good image on the new logo, so you’re just going to have to read this, say, “Okay, that’s interesting. The high-res stuff is coming soon,” and then wait until it’s released, wide scale. “It” being Volvo’s new reworked identity that was announced yesterday. Or, rather, we know it was announced, but we don’t see it anywhere else, so we figure it’s a quiet kind of subtle thing. Or maybe more of a sort of a pre-announcement announcement. Whatever the case, we’re eager to see it bigger than a small lo-res jpeg, and happy to know that Volvo is staying with the agency Bite, because they’ve done some amazing work for the company. Here’s a bit from the small press release:

The changes, which are the brand’s most significant in 75 years, are intended to eradicate inconsistencies in the application of the Volvo identity across its models and communications. The company also wants to make greater use of the iron symbol, which it claims is recognised as a good illustration of the strength and endurance of its vehicles. The changes to the logo are subtle, with the iron mark now more curved and thicker bevelled edges. The shape of the arrow has also been changed slightly.