Bitcoin Foundation: ‘We are all Bitcoin’

The Bitcoin Foundation addresses the recent media frenzy over the currency's creator: "[Bitcoin is] ultimately controlled by no one."

Yesterday the Bitcoin Foundation wrote a blog post addressing media speculation over the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, who Newsweek claimed was the man behind the coin.

Newsweek publibitcoinshed a 4,500-word cover story on Thursday claiming Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin computer code. The currency’s creator has remained a mystery since its birth in 2009.

Nakamoto told the AP on Thursday that he is not the creator of Bitcoin and led reporters on a freeway car chase to the AP’s local headquarters in L.A. Newsweek has nevertheless stood behind the story.


While the Foundation admits “the Bitcoin protocol would not exist without Satoshi,” who is without question a “brilliant designer,” it also found “zero conclusive evidence that [he] is the designer of Bitcoin.” The entire project is decentralized, according to the Foundation. “It has no leader by design.”

Each community member contributes and collaborates with others based on his or her  own needs, choices and free will.  Bitcoin’s reference implementation has a chief scientist, but ultimately leadership always rests in the hands of every bitcoin user.  The Bitcoin Foundation is opening affiliate chapters around the world, and others are organizing their own Bitcoin groups in a decentralized fashion.  The Bitcoin Foundation is a Bitcoin leader, but certainly not the Bitcoin leader.

*Featured image: The AP