Bit Torrent Traffic Up 40% During The First Half Of This Year

Traffic to Bit Torrent sites was up 40 percent in North America during the first half of this year,  according to a new report from Sandvine. The report found that upstream to Bit Torrent sites represents 36.8 percent of Web traffic. To put this in perspective, Skype and NetFlix combined represent a little more than 10 percent of upstream traffic.

However the “Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H 2012” report points out, “the application continues to exhibit a steady downward trend in overall traffic share, declining to 10.31% of total peak traffic from being 11.30% a half a year ago.” Still app developers should be concerned about traffic to Bit Torrent sites, as the distribution of illegal copies of copyrighted apps can be a problem on these sites. (In fact, in 2012 the Department of Justice launched its first investigation into app piracy.)

According to the Sandvine report, Internet data usage is up by 120 percent in North America. The report also found that Netflix continues to dominate North American fixed networks with 33 percent of bandwidth share. NetFlix dominates the video streaming category. YouTube is No. 2 in the category with 14.8 percent of bandwidth share. Bit Torrent represents 5.89 percent of data used for video streaming, much higher than Amazon Video which only uses 1.75 percent of data bandwidth and Hulu which represents 1.38 percent. (Via Reddit).