Birthdays, Security, Badges, Mobile and Spotify on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

An interesting mix of different applications appeared on our list of Facebook apps growing by daily active users this week. There was a Page tab app, birthday cards, a security app, Page badges, photos, mobile messaging and the Spotify Facebook app. The apps on our top 20 list grew from between 107,500 to 606,300 DAU.

Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Gardens of Time 1,500,803 +606,333 +68%
2. CityVille 19,450,416 +547,651 +3%
3. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa 683,033 +494,630 +263%
4. BOSS維加斯 490,492 +392,272 +399%
5. Zombie Lane 1,077,222 +380,105 +55%
6. Birthday Greeting Cards 311,508 +306,236 +5,809%
7. Yahoo! 7,639,373 +262,317 +4%
8. FarmVille 11,698,526 +209,819 +2%
9. Diamond Dash 1,083,471 +190,272 +21%
10. Mynet Çanak Okey 633,770 +145,494 +30%
11. Norton Safe Web 322,113 +138,589 +76%
12. Badges 153,850 +136,752 +800%
13. Bubble Island 1,341,288 +135,787 +11%
14. The Fortune Teller 1,172,072 +128,651 +12%
15. 60 Photos 266,044 +127,449 +92%
16. Windows Live Messenger 15,508,546 +122,572 +0.80%
17. eBuddy 2,107,946 +119,019 +6%
18. FrontierVille 4,404,966 +111,804 +3%
19. Ravenwood Fair 1,096,146 +109,939 +11%
20. Spotify 1,059,851 +107,489 +11%

The iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa app added 494,600 DAU; the app allows users to create a social media welcome tab on their Pages. The Birthday Greeting Cards app, which grew mostly in the United States by 306,200 DAU, and is strange in that it asks users to buy in-app currency to send the cards and provides a payment page with a Gmail address. Up until that point, the app displays friends with birthdays, make a selection, invite other friends to sign the birthday card, send requests to your email contacts, publish to your Wall — finally, app asks you for money without actually sending any requests.

Yahoo’s app grew by 262,300 DAU. The security app, Norton Safe Web, grew by 138,600 DAU; the app scans your profile for malicious links. Badges by Momentus Media is an app for Page administrators that grew by 136,800 DAU in the U.S. and United Kingdom. The Connect app allows users to create badges for their Pages, as well as create a badge tab on their Pages and invite their friends to post the badge to their Wall.

Rounding out the list was The Fortune Teller, with 128,700 DAU, which provides daily horoscopes and tarot readings. 60 Photos grew by 127,500 DAU; the app allows users to rate their friends’ Facebook photos, publishing a story to the stream each time. Windows Live Messenger’s Connect app grew by 122,600 DAU. The eBuddy mobile messenger app grew by 119,000 DAU.

Last was the Spotify app with 107,500 DAU mostly in the U.S. The Facebook app takes you to the Spotify website to download the company’s application and incorporate your Facebook network into the music community.

Check in Friday to see the top emerging Facebook apps growing by 100,000 to 1 million  MAU.