Birthdays, Horoscopes, Photos, Tabs, Skype, Yahoo and Windows on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

Photos and horoscopes were super popular on our list of growing applications by daily active users this week. Page tab apps, Skype, Yahoo and Windows Messenger were also on our list. The titles on our list below grew from between 191,500 and 4 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Oddly, three different apps named “Friend Photos & Albums” appeared.

Top Gainers This Week

1. The Sims Social7,531,096+4,081,773+118%
2.  Birthday Calendar3,377,500+3,334,336+7,725%
3.  Daily Horoscope8,162,467+2,210,359+37%
4.  Günlük Falınız – The Fortune Teller1,610,346+1,419,058+742%
5.  21 questions3,924,431+983,926+33%
6. Horóscopo Diário1,525,608+622,977+69%
7.  Yahoo!11,804,142+587,518+5%
8. Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon502,516+440,491+710%
9. Friends Photos & Albums431,426+416,693+2,828%
10. Friends Photos & Albums451,848+394,237+684%
11.  Static Iframe Tab685,349+336,673+97%
12. Friends Photos & Albums410,869+312,258+317%
13.  Skype1,648,629+296,851+22%
14.  عيد على صحابك288,881+287,465+20,301%
15.  My Tab453,018+284,369+169%
16. الأبراج اليومية1,282,061+272,859+27%
17. Top 5 Games288,425+263,151+1,041%
18. Welcome Tab679,517+261,941+63%
19.  Windows Live Messenger18,104,245+236,761+1%
20.  Astrology3,868,633+191,530+5%

Birthday Calendar grew by 3.3 million DAU this week, the app creates an interface with a user’s photos and birthdays in calendar form, allowing them to add events to it. Then there were other friend-related apps, 21 questions which asks questions about friends and posts answers to the feed, grew by 983,900 DAU.  عيد على صحابك grew by 2.2 million DAU, allowing users to post virtual gifts to their friends’ Walls, but then generating a feed story that you did so, increasing network exposure. Friends Photos & Albums is a Connect app that places your friends’ Facebook photos into a new interface on the app’s website where you can view, Like or send them. This app appeared on our list three times, including growth of 416,700 DAU, 394,200 DAU and 312,300 DAU. The first is made by developer eYari and an apparently related company named eYPhotos made the second two.

Then horoscope apps were very popular this week for whatever reason. Daily Horoscope grew by 2.2 million DAU, Turkish Günlük Falınız – The Fortune Teller grew by 1.4 million DAU giving you a percentage of things like health and money, Horóscopo Diário is a Spanish language app that grew by 623,000 DAU,  الأبراج اليومية grew by 272,900 DAU and Astrology grew by 191,500 DAU. These apps either publish to your stream, ask you to subscribe to daily Wall posts or to invite your friends to use the app.

Tab apps included Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon that grew by 440,500 DAU, Static Iframe Tab with 336,700 DAU, My Tab with 284,400 DAU and Welcome Tab with 262,000 DAU. Yahoo’s app grew by 587,500 DAU, Skype by 296,900 DAU and Windows Live Messenger with 236,800 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.