Birthdays, Chat, Spotify, Bing, Pandora, Guardian and Nook on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

The American Greetings birthday calendar application topped our list of the fastest growing apps by daily active users. Other apps on our list included clusters of Page tab apps, social statistics, chat apps, and then a bunch of big brands like Yahoo, Bing, Spotify, Pandora, Skype, etc.

The titles below grew from between 200,000 and 3.1 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Birthday Calendar3,200,000+3,120,000+3,900%
2.  Social Statistics1,500,000+1,240,000+477%
3.  Spotify2,500,000+900,000+56%
4.  Static HTML: iframe tabs4,000,000+900,000+29%
5.  Bing4,300,000+800,000+23%
6.  Facebook Messenger for Android5,000,000+600,000+14%
7.  Static Iframe Tab1,100,000+430,000+64%
8.  Pandora1,400,000+410,000+41%
9.  Yahoo!780,000+340,000+126%
10.  Skype2,200,000+300,000+16%
11.  Windows Live Messenger18,200,000+300,000+2%
12.  Words With Friends4,800,000+300,000+7%
13.  Pixable620,000+280,000+82%
14.  The Guardian360,000+270,000+300%
15.  NOOK by Barnes & Noble230,000+229,000+22,900%
16.  21 questions750,000+210,000+39%
17.  iframe static html tab app for Pages250,000+210,000+525%
18.  Bubble Witch Saga2,200,000+200,000+11%
19.  CityVille11,800,000+200,000+2%
20.  eBuddy2,700,000+200,000+8%

Birthday Calendar grew by 3.1 million DAU; the American Greetings app provides greeting cards for users to send to friends for birthdays and other holidays. Then Social Statistics followed, with 1.2 million DAU, publishing a list of “top friends” to the feed. A similar app, 21 questions, is similar and grew by 210,000 DAU, publishing a feed story every time you answer a question about your friend.

Page tab apps included Static HTML: iframe tabs with 900,000 DAU, Static Iframe Tab with 430,000 DAU and iframe static html tab app for Pages with 210,000 DAU. Chat or messenger-type apps included Facebook Messenger for Android with 600,000 DAU, Windows Live Messenger with 300,000 DAU, and eBuddy with 200,000 DAU.

Rounding out the list were the aforementioned name brand apps. Spotify grew by 900,000 DAU and another music app, Pandora, grew by 410,000 DAU. Apps that appeared to work via Connect included Bing with 800,000 DAU, Yahoo with 340,000 DAU, Pixable with 280,000 DAU and NOOK by Barnes & Noble with 229,000 DAU. Skype grew by 300,000 DAU and The Guardian by 270,000 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.