Birdsong WP7 Twitter App

If you use Windows Phone 7 and would like a Twitter app that works like Tweetdeck on Android and iPhone, you might want to look at Birdsong. Unlike the official Twitter app and Seesmic on Windows Phone 7, Birdsong provides the ability to swipe left and right to switch between the Twitter timeline, mentions, and messages, and it supports two additional screens that can be either saved searches or lists.

I’ve installed the free trial of Birdsong on my HD7, which has the majority of functions but does not allow you to send tweets. You will notice that the font size is larger than other Twitter apps and there isn’t a way to change it in the app’s settings. While the larger font size makes it easier to read tweets, it also means that you see a fewer number of tweets on the screen, in most cases you will only see two at a time, while other apps can show as many as five at a time.

I like the ability to add screens to Birdsong and that you can easily change the order of the screens by simply dragging and dropping the names in the app’s settings. Birdsong also supports threaded conversations with mentions and direct messages. Actually, what Birdsong does is thread all mentions and messages that involve you and another party, so what you see can actually span multiple conversations.

The bottom line is that Birdsong includes features that other Windows Phone 7 Twitter apps do not, and that makes it worth a look. You can try the free trial or pay for the full version, which costs $2.