Birds-Eye for iPad: Free App That Shows Who’s Tweeting in Specific Geographic Areas

There are a number of apps that can display tweets around you. But, this free iPad app combines a couple of features to make it unique.

Birds-Eye (iTunes App Store)

It does not limit you to your current geographic location. You can create a list of locations to check tweets. And the size (in square miles) of the location can be defined. Tweets show up as red pushpins on a map. Tapping a pushpin provides the tweeter’s name and most recent tweet.

I was a little surprised at how few tweets show up in heavily populated areas. For example, after checking in on the app over the course of a few hours, only 45 tweets were associated within 706 square miles in the bay area near San Francisco. Only 105 tweets were associated in 162 miles in the New York City area. And, only 16 tweets were reported in a 980 square mile area for the island of Oahu. This may be because many people are exercising reasonable caution by not providing location information along with their tweets.

More problematic, however, were the app’s frequent crashes. Despite this, the app has a very respectable 4-star average customer rating in the iTunes App Store.

Via Engadget: Bird’s Eye iPad app lets you use Twitter while looking down on it