Meet The Official Twitter Chef, aka @birdfeeder

Breaking news: according to Business Insider, Twitter headquarters in San Francisco goes through 280 pounds of bacon a week.

The Business Insider team got up close and personal with Twitter chef Lance Holton, better known by his Twitter handle @birdfeeder, and the revelations were pretty enlightening.

A few highlights, plus some additions of our own, below.

According to Holton, Twitter HQ’s daily ration of bacon occupies a special station in the official Twitter cafeteria.

And while 280 pounds of bacon may sound obscene, when you divide it by the company’s 1,300 employees, if each Twitter toiler was a bacon lover, they’d only get three ounces a week. Of course, there are surely vegans and vegetarians aplenty – it is San Francisco, after all. Regardless, a lot of bacon.

Apparently, Twitter Chef Holton works for Bon Appétit Management Company, a Bay Area food-service company that also manages Google’s cafés. Twitter’s bacon is sourced through Del Monte Meat Co., an 87-year-old San Francisco firm, as it procures the pork from humane providers.

So now that you know how much bacon Twitter’s employees eat, where they eat it, where it comes from, and who cooks it, how about a bacon-tastic video?

A few more insights we gleaned from @birdfeeder:

He bakes special cookies for his fellow Twitter employees.

He’s a gourmand.

He enjoys all-caps.

So that’s Twitter’s chef @birdfeeder for you. Tweet at him with questions or comments!

(Image via Shutterstock)