BioWare Gives Facebook Users The Gift of the Yeti

Gift of the YetiOh Christmas. A time for giving. A time for family. A time for big, hairy creatures to come down from their mountain homes and cram gifts in our doorways. Wait, that doesn’t happen in your town? Well, it’s a good thing BioWare’s R&D group, BioWare Labs has recently released the greatest gift of all, The Gift of the Yeti.

Yes, nostalgic was the time when the great white yeti visited our home. Oh the thundering stomps of his run, the guttural rumble of his laugh, and the singing wail of police sirens. Yeah, that about sums up this game. After downloading a quick add-on, players are presented with the dire news that Santa is out sick! Well, for whatever reason or another, this friendly yeti creature is now the help.

He’s not quite as graceful as the big red man but he gets the job done as players maneuver him up and down streets delivering presents. The objective is to score as high a score as possible by delivering as many gifts as possible, in a 3D Pac-Man sort of way, to lighted houses before time expires. As you play, police will attempt to catch you, and while they do not “kill” you, they do slow you down. Furthermore, you can only carry so many presents before it’s time to restock, so you’ve also got to plan your route in order to visit nearby caves or your yeti buddy Booya.

“Gift of the Yeti is BioWare’s digital holiday card to its fans. We use social networking as a powerful tool to connect meaningfully with our tremendous fan community,” says BioWare Co-Founder and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group at Electronic Arts, Dr. Ray Muzyka. “Gift of the Yeti is a fun, engaging holiday present from BioWare to our fans, the first in a series of compelling social experiences from BioWare Labs.”

Child's PlayThe “gift” is more than just a game, however. While it is well polished and fun, the most important feature is that each play of the game will donate $0.01 to the children’s charity, Child’s Play. As described by BioWare, it is the “geek charity of choice,” raising money to help fund pediatric hospitals worldwide. The maximum goal of BioWare is to raise $10,000. That’s one million plays! So get cracking!

Of course, if you’re still not convinced its an app worth playing, then note one more thing. As an added bonus, players will be given $10 off the most recent BioWare RPG, Dragon Age: Origins from the EA Store.

So what do you say? Play a gift giving yeti, help some kids, and then slay some dragons. Sounds like its going to be a very Merry Christmas after all!