Bio-terrorist Tweet From Parody Account Gets Diet Doctor Booted From Cruise

Dr. Jack Kruse was getting settled in to his cabin on the Carnival Magic as it sat in port in Galveston, Texas when FBI Agents and Homeland Security suddenly arrived – and they had lots of questions.

Long story short – someone created a rogue Twitter account, attributed to Dr. Kruse, and sent a tweet declaring his intent to launch a bio-terrorist attack on the ship. And it only gets weirder from there.

Dr. Jack Kruse is a “neurosurgeon on a mission to create health from disease with a change in thought” – according to his Twitter bio. From an outsider’s standpoint though, he’s a diet guru focused on low carb dieting and paleolithic diets, specifically (you can read about paleolithic diets here). And it appears the “Paleo” community is a fiesty one!

Slated to be a guest speaker for Jimmy Moore’s 5th Annual Low-Carb Cruise on the Carnival Magic out of Galveston, Texas on Monday, Dr. Kruse was escorted off of the ship on Sunday after a caller alerted the cruise to a tweet that spoke of dynamite and a vial of Legionnaires. Crazy, right?

This page, Patterico’s Pontifications, captured one of the tweets in question before the account was deleted. It seems pretty obvious that the account is a parody, but it was taken seriously by the cruise ship and, obviously, by the FBI and Homeland Security as well (click the tweet to see it larger):

The doctor took to Twitter in an attempt to figure out who the parody account belonged to and got a hit:


As well as a ding, claiming the hoax was a hoax to drum up attention:


But he didn’t seem to sort it out in the end. According to Dr. Kruse’s real Twitter feed, @DigiSurg, the FBI is now investigating.

Carnival later distributed a letter to cruise passengers who were on board as part of a group to whom Dr. Kruse was scheduled to speak. The letter describes the situation and clears the doctor’s name, apologizing for any inconvenience.

Here’s a video where the good doctor shares a blow-by-blow of his ordeal, in case you are as drawn in to this whole thing as we are.

Who knew the world of low carb dieting was so cutthroat?

(Carnival cruise ship image from Shutterstock)