Binn’s Mags: The Yearbooks of ‘High School with Money’

BusinessWeek’s media guru Jon Fine takes a look today at playboy publisher Jason Binn, the brains behind next month’s Capitol File launch, in an article deliciously entitled “Content Like Air Kisses.”

Fine, who himself has appeared twice in the Binn glossies, quasi-profiles Binn and his empire of super-lux magazines ranging from Boston to Aspen to L.A. “If life in the big city is high school with money, then Binn’s mags are the yearbooks, the mirrors in which readers wish to see their reflections,” Fine explains.

In classic form, Fine relates his lunch with Binn at the Four Seasons: “As Binn leaves, he chats up Details Editor-in-Chief Dan Peres, who tells Binn: ‘You’re mockable, but you’re grinning all the way to the bank.’ If Binn heard a put-down, it didn’t show. He had won over another audience. He was beaming.”