Create A Twitter Contest To Generate Buzz For Your Brand With Binkd

Twitter lets you connect to your potential customers, but it’s up to you to engage them and generate interest in your brand. How do you get them talking? Hold a contest! People love winning things, even if the prize is just a retweet.

Binkd Promotion is a Twitter contest app that can help you get your brand’s message to go viral by creating unique contests to get people voting on, retweeting, mentioning and sharing your content.

Binkd will walk you through the entire contest setup process, from brainstorming ideas (should you have people submit photos with your product? Or do you want to perform a random draw? Or maybe you want something bigger, like a multi-stage contest?) to implementing the contest on your Twitter account and a dedicated web page.

After you set up an account on, you can choose to start your first Twitter contest right away. You need to determine which type of contest you want to hold and what prize you’ll offer, and Binkd will create a preview for you before you make it live.

Right now, they offer seven types of contests:

  • Challenge
  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo Voting
  • Vote To Win
  • Video Voting
  • Entry Per Vote
  • Facebook Check-In

Once you’ve selected the type of contest, Binkd will create the custom HTML for your contest that you can install on a Facebook page or website that you own.

Next, you just start tweeting out an invitation for your customers to share their photos, vote on entries or enter their names to win the prize you’ve selected – and watch your engagement skyrocket.

Included with your contest are robust analytics to see how effective your efforts are. You can monitor Facebook Likes if you’ve installed the contest on a Facebook brand page, see which countries people are entering your contest from, monitor the number of entries or votes, and view the conversion rate of visits to your contest page to the number of entries you receive.

Binkd offers a free plan as well as two tiers of paid options for you to choose from. Their payment structure is pay-as-you-go, so if you choose a paid plan you pay a daily price of between $0.99 and $1.99 for as long as your contest runs.

Binkd is all about making marketing about people. They believe that by holding contests, you’ll be able to have personal conversations with your customers and build brand loyalty. And what better way to get your customers talking about your brand than by offering them a chance to win?

(And the winner is image via Shutterstock)