Bingo Snacks Has Facebook's Most Explosive Page

India's Bingo Snacks leads this week's ranking of the most explosive pages on Facebook.

India’s Bingo Snacks leads this week’s ranking of the most explosive pages on Facebook.

Others in the list include a few television channels, government pages, and a contest that continues to collect an increasing amount of entries. Read on for more details, and if you like what you see here, you’ll love the in-depth statistical tool used to build this countdown.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Bingo!885,05430,435148,057
2. iHeartRadio680,99818,440126,441
3. MSN908,209483111,426
4. CouponCabin589,99817,657107,807
5. Globo Esporte316,57410,00396,971
6. eJournal USA684,79012,06396,509
7. G4TV407,11611,89682,432
8. Global Conversations: Climate359,6427,86570,721
9. ABC Family760,7181,65865,548
10. MinuteClinic112,37824,87958,072


In India, excitement is building as snack brand Bingo gears up to announce a brand new food food item. The company has been teasing the new addition for a few days now and manages to take the top spot with a 148,057 increase in fans.

A new football season is drawing near in South America, and the Portuguese page Globo Esporte is heightening excitement levels and grows by 96,97 sports fans — a fifth place victory for the program.

Contests And Savings

With its tenacious social media promotion for their upcoming festival and free ticket contest, iHeartRadio has been a regular page working its way towards the million milestone. There’s still time to enter and compete against the 126,441 new entries that put the radio application in second place.

By liking CouponCabin on Facebook, you receive inside access to many practical money saving opportunities; 107,807 people in a coupon frenzy place the company in the fourth spot. Giving away free body wash has a hand in MinuteClinic‘s 58,072 seven day fan growth, for a tenth place on the week’s list.


In third place, MSN brings a number of news stories to the finger tips of fans. Though its daily growth numbers make maintaining its high-ranked position questionable, the page finishes with a weekly growth total of 111,426.


The U.S .Department of State Bureau produces the Journal USA, and one of its main focuses this month is Ramadan. The page grows by 96,509 page likes and comes in sixth. In eigth place, with a 70,721 growth increase, Global Conversations: Climate continues to be a government organization looking to raise awareness on the issue.


Gamers unite around television network G4; the channel’s social networking presence grows by 82,432 users — a seventh place week. In ninth place, a new 65,658 ABC Family viewers are tuning in on Facebook to see the latest updates on their favorite programs.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of the explosive pages featured this week?