Bingo Blitz Grows on Facebook Through Focus on the Game’s Fundamentals

Bingo Blitz is the latest game to join Facebook’s growing cadre of Bingo games. Created by independent studio Buffalo Studios in Santa Monica, CA, it is also their first venture into Facebook games.

According to our data tracking service AppData, Bingo Blitz currently has just over one million monthly active users and over 342,000 daily active users.

Although billed as “not your grandmother’s bingo game” Bingo Blitz closely follows the same skill-based mechanics. Players select to play up to four cards and daub the numbers on their cards if they are called, by row and number, and call Bingo when they have daubed five in a row or all four corners of the cards. The difference from straight-up church hall Bingo is the powerups, which are earned as you daub numbers. These have to be activated and range from daubing random numbers on your cards to adding treasure chests to numbers on your cards to earn additional coins if daubed. The other difference is progression. Players earn experience with every game played and as the level up, open up new cities where the Bingo cards are more costly but also earns higher rewards. In this game, players earn experience points and coin even without winning. Calling Bingo gains the player more XP, coin as well as collection items and progresses players faster through the levels.

Credits are required to purchase Bingo cards and these are collected as players log in every day. Coins buy items in the store which includes custom daubers, powerups and keys, which are used to open treasure chests that players earn at the end of each game. The game monetizes by selling credits which can also be converted into coin, a slots game to win additional coins for a Facebook credit and Buffalo Studios also recently integrated Adknowlege’s Social2Web monetization solution into their game.

Social features in the game include a chat bar for players to want to chat and some players do and the ability for friends to gift each other powerups. Players with more active friends playing the game also earn team bonuses of extra credits.

Buffalo Studios may have found the secret to “stickiness” in Facebook Bingo games by adhering to the essential skill and mechanics of Bingo for Bingo Blitz. This stands out in the field among other Bingo games such as Bingo Adventures reviewed here, Bingo Derby reviewed here, Bingo Charms reviewed here, and Big City Bingo, which all deviate from the skill-based core Bingo play in one way or another.

Interested readers can follow the progress of Bingo Blitz with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.