Bingo bash tops this week’s list of emerging Facebook games

BitRhymes’ Bingo Bash rises to the top his week’s list of emerging Facebook games, moving up from the No. 4 spot it held last week. Paprika Lab’s Toyz & Zombies and Ravensburger Digital’s Puzzle Adventures round out the top three

The first week of 2012 was quiet one. Most of the games on our list added less than 100,000 MAU week-on-week. In a fairly mixed lot of generes, promotional movie and TV games like A&E’s Storage Wars and Funtactix’s Mission Impossible continued to grow, likely spurred on the the popularity of their source material. It’s also interesting to see HalfBrick’s Fruit Ninja Frenzy catching a second wind after two months of steadily dropping MAU and DAU.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Bingo Bash580,000+150,000+ 45%
2.  Toyz & Zombies290,000+110,000+ 61%
3.  Puzzle Adventures540,000+100,000+ 23%
4.  Skyscraper City380,000+100,000+ 46%
5.  Triviador Mundo530,000+100,000+ 29%
6.  Miscrits of Volcano Island620,000+90,000+ 19%
7.  Storage Wars: The Game790,000+90,000+ 14%
8.  Bubbles IQ420,000+80,000+ 24%
9.  Frogger Pinball210,000+80,000+ 62%
10.  Jungle Jewels480,000+80,000+ 23%
11.  Solitaire Castle200,000+80,000+ 82%
12.  Marble Trails210,000+70,000+ 62%
13.  Pet City240,000+70,000+ 41%
14.  Treasure City180,000+70,000+ 64%
15.  Tetris330,000+60,000+ 27%
16.  ชีวิตคนเมือง290,000+60,000+ 26%
17.  Fruit Ninja Frenzy640,000+50,000+ 8%
18.  GameGround560,000+50,000+ 10%
19.  Mission Impossible600,000+50,000+ 9%
20.  OkeyHane190,000+50,000+ 36%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.