Bingo Bash Powers Up a Classic Game of Chance on Facebook

Played in halls and senior centers around the U.S., bingo is one of the country’s most popular games of chance. In its latest Facebook incarnation, Bingo Bash, the game is infused with items to collect and power-ups that help players score higher. Developed by The Vegas Team, the title has been live since June of this year, showing its most significant uptake in users beginning at the end of September.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Bingo Bash currently has 80,000 monthly active users and 30,000 daily active users.

On a basic level, Bingo Bash is a faithful recreation of the game of bingo. In it, players have cards with random numbers from 1 to 75 arranged in a 5×5 grid. Numbers are then drawn at random and players mark them out on the card, if there’s a match. If the player completes a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they click the “Bingo” button and win. In this variation, up to 100 players can participate in an instance simultaneously and there are 20 possible bingos. If all 20 are claimed, the game ends, adding an element of urgency to matching numbers.

Bingo chips must be spent to play. Players purchase their bingo cards using chips and can play up to four cards in a game, if they’re skilled enough. Players gain experience points for each number they match, which fills a power-up meter. Once activated, it rewards players with a random bonus, such as gems, double experience points, instant bingo, or a bigger payout. These are randomly overlaid on the number grid and are awarded if players match the number they land on. Coins are added to the player’s tally automatically. Gems, which come in different colors, are added up at the end of the game and can be combined to earn more coins and bingo chips.

Like other bingo games we’ve seen on Facebook, each match is set against backdrops inspired by famous locations around the world, such as ancient Egypt. Each area is connected to a collection of 12 items which can be purchased using the player’s winnings. When all are collected, a prize of more coins and chips is unlocked. Gaining experience points levels players up, earning them more coins and chips, while also working towards unlocking new locales. Players are rewarded for returning each day, and can earn achievements for playing.

In terms of social features, the game is based on real-time multiplayer for up to 100 players per instance. This is accompanied by a real-time leaderboard displaying the top three players prominently. Players compete for a pool of 20 bingos per game and can chat in real-time while it’s in progress and in-between games. The title also features friend invites, with 1,000 coins rewarded for every friend that joins. Players can also send and receive gifts, brag about their performance via viral channels, and share winnings with friends if they wish.

Bingo Bash is monetized by players purchasing bingo chips and coins using Facebook Credits. Chips are used for buying cards and power-ups, while coins can be put towards the purchase of items. Chips can be converted into coins should the player decide to.

The game was just recently updated to introduce rewards upon leveling up. The Vegas team continues to deploy fixes based on player feedback, such as making the color of the dauber used to mark winning numbers more pronounced. It has been quite active in player community on the game’s Wall overall.

You can follow Bingo Bash’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.