Bing “We’re In” App for Windows Phone. A Great Service for 1999. But, In 2011???

Microsoft introduced a new social location tool called “We’re In” for Windows Phone under its Bing brand today.

Introducing the “We’re In” app from Bing

My initial impression is that it was a clone of Glympse (available for iPhone and Windows Phone). While it does provide some of the features of Gylmpse, it also provides some of the friend location mapping features of Google Lattitude. Unfortunately, it “We’re In” has a couple of design features that belong to the 20th century and not the 21st.

Unlike Glympse, which does not require a sign-up of any kind, “We’re In” requires you to provide your phone number. The service then sends a four digit number as a code to enter in the app. This means leaving the app, looking at your text message, re-launching the app and tapping in the four digit code. This is the worst sign-up procedure possible for a mobile device. The app seems very text-message based and not everyone has a text-mesasge plan for their phone. It makes no sense to be solely tied to text messaging. A client server based or email based (like Gylmpse) mutual location system makes more sense,

The app was uninstalled from my Windows Phone shortly after I took a look at how it works. It would have been an amazing service in 1999. In 2011? Not so much.