Bing Product-Development Manager Heads to eBay

Hugh Williams left his post as product-development manager for Microsoft’s Bing search engine to become vice president of search for eBay, The Business Insider reported.

According to The Business Insider, Williams wrote on his LinkedIn profile:

I was a partner at Microsoft and a development manager in the Bing team. I’m proud to say that many of the features of the first Bing release were created by my team. I managed the development of all user-facing Web-search-relevance features, including the left-rail explore pane (with its “table of contents”), navigational query treatments, query-biased summaries, “deeplinks,” related searches and whole-page results relevance. Additionally, I managed the Powerset team in San Francisco. I also managed the end-to-end development of Internet Explorer 8’s suggested sites feature, image search, video search, news search, xrank and almost all instant answers (such as the encarta, news, images and so on).