Bing, Phrases, Pandora, Skype, Zoosk and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

There was an interesting mix of tech companies — Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Pandora and Skype — as well as dating apps, Page tab apps, quizzes, and profile apps on our list of the top growing ones by daily active users this week. The titles on our list below grew from between 168,000 and 2.3 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1. The Sims Social3,449,323+2,330,202+208%
2.  CityVille14,708,126+1,253,339+9%
3.  Yahoo!11,216,624+823,741+8%
4.  FarmVille8,853,549+809,849+10%
5.  Bing4,172,838+755,693+22%
6.  YouTube2,335,089+529,746+29%
7.  Are YOU Interested?1,208,818+417,436+53%
8. The Smurfs & Co1,366,844+319,120+30%
9.  Phrases1,400,716+314,844+29%
10.  Bejeweled Blitz3,048,309+285,279+10%
11.  Pandora967,017+268,876+39%
12.  Skype1,351,778+251,385+23%
13.  Diamond Dash1,801,627+228,564+15%
14.  21 questions2,940,505+219,275+8%
15. Magic Land221,335+194,555+726%
16. Welcome Tab417,576+190,780+84%
17.  Bubble Island1,829,019+189,065+12%
18.  Status Shuffle887,870+178,666+25%
19.  WhoIsNear?419,529+169,722+68%
20.  Zoosk1,194,817+167,961+16%

Yahoo grew by 823,700 DAU, Bing by 755,700 DAU, YouTube by 529,700 DAU, Pandora by 268,900 DAU and Skype by 251,400 DAU. When it comes to figuring out why these particular apps are growing, it seems that Bing may be growing due to increasing social searches, while Pandora and Skype seem to be focusing more on their social integrations. Plus, these are just generally popular sites.

Dating apps on our list this week, Are YOU Interested? with 417,400 DAU in the United States, United Kingdom and India whereas Zoosk did most of its growth of 168,000 mostly just in the US.

Rounding out the list was Phrases, still not available in the US despite 314,800 DAU growth. 21 questions grew by 219,300 DAU and posts the answers to silly quiz questions on the Walls of a user or their friends. Welcome Tab is a Page tab app that grew by 190,800 DAU. Status Shuffle grew by 178,700 DAU and allow users to Like, edit, share and publish different status updates to their news feed.

Finally there was WhoIsNear?, with 169,700 DAU. The Facebook app is like a location app on the Facebook platform, allowing users to check in geographically with what they’re doing, find new friends, publish their whereabouts to the stream.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.