Bing Maps Checks In with foursquare

Real-time data from mobile location-based social game foursquare was added to Bing‘s Silverlight-based Map Apps, allowing Bing Maps users to find popular locations and see how many people have checked in and earned badges.

Todd Schwartz of Bing went into more detail on the Bing Blog:

Another area in search that has been growing far more quickly as Web search is the ability to get better local information by visualizing information on maps. We’ve been doing a bunch of work here to bring interesting experiences to customers on top of the mapping canvas with a relatively new feature called Map Apps. Map Apps enables Bing to bring relevant data from partners to this spatial search platform. Today we previewed a cool new map application, which brings real time data from foursquare into our Silverlight maps experience to give customers a real-time sense of what’s going on as they plan activities in their own neighborhoods or while on the road.

The foursquare map app is a powerful combination of the spatial canvas that Bing Maps provides, combined with foursquare’s user reputation service ability to see who has unlocked specific badges, where, and who has been crowned mayor of certain locations, making it easier to explore any city in the world as if you were a local. Let’s say you’re traveling to New York City for the week, but you don’t know what’s hot in Greenwich Village. Selecting the foursquare Map App in Bing Maps and zooming into to Greenwich Village will get you tips that show you what locals are saying about the hot spots in that area. It’s like an interactive day planner, designed to help find the best things to do in that area. And if you have questions, you can always contact users through foursquare to get the inside scoop.

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