Bing Mall Maps: Surely it Must Work with Windows Phone! No, and Don't Call Me Shirley

Microsoft’s Bing Maps Blog announced:

Bing’s new mall maps: Get in, get out, and avoid the crowds

While there are other shopping mall maps and geo-location services, this seemed like an interesting offering to learn more about. Bing Maps’ mall directory maps currently has maps for 22 U.S. shopping malls. Most of them are located Washington (20) while two are in New York. Surely this must work with Windows Phone 7’s web browser. Well, no it doesn’t. And (as the late great Leslie Nielsen uttered in Airplane!) don’t call me Shirley.

I tried searching for and viewing results in Bing in Windows Phone 7 in a number of ways but could not find a “Mall map” link. I also brought up the blog item in the mobile browser and selected one of the direct mall links. However, this led me to the Bing home page.

Video courtes of Madpssumable