Bing for iPhone Surprisingly Good! Bing for Windows Mobile Team Should Look at It Closely

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Here’s what I wrote about the recent Microsoft Bing update for Windows Mobile earlier this month…

Ugh! Bing Mobile Update for Windows Mobile Slow & Touch Hostile

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard that Microsoft released…

Bing 1.0

…for the iPhone. But, here’s the funny thing. Um, Bing for iPhone is actually pretty good. Its navigation is functional, simple, and finger friendly. Its search results look pretty good. Even the voice search seems to work reasonably well. It could not, however, ever get “Google Nexus One” correctly when I tried a voice search with that phrase. The closest it came was “Google Nexus swan”.

The team that developed threw together Bing for Windows Mobile would do well to go over and talk to the Bing for iPhone team.