Bing continues to expand Facebook integration with Facebook friends’ photos search feature

Bing has added a new feature which allows users to search through their friends’ Facebook photos directly within the search engine. Users can access this through the Bing social sidebar or at

With a reported 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook daily, the feature looks to enable users to quickly find desired images. With users’ privacy in mind, the feature only searches through friends’ photos that they have been made viewable. Once users access the tool, the images appear in a news feed displaying the most recently uploaded photos first. The tool allows for users to engage with the photos through Facebook’s native features without having to leave the Bing website.

Typing in the search bar will attempt to autofill the entry with a friend’s names. Under the search bar, users are also given the option to only display photos posted by friends or photos posted by fan pages.

Facebook has not implemented a photo search in the past so this is the first case of such a feature. The layout of this tool is similar to that of social network Pinterest. The new feature will roll out gradually, but users can request access here.

Bing began its Facebook integration by indexing page updates and publicly visible links posted by users in June 2010. Later that year Microsoft used Facebook instant personalization to influence its people search capabilities and to display Likes. Bing expanded its Facebook integration last year and began personalizing the rank of results based on the Likes of a user’s friends. Just this last May, they introduced the social sidebar providing a way for users to connect on search topics.