Bing Announces Support for Facebook’s App Links

Bing will support the open, cross-platform solution for application-to-app linking.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine announced that it will support App Links, the open, cross-platform solution for application-to-app linking introduced by Facebook at its 2014 F8 global developer conference.

Facebook said in a developer blog post that more than 1,000 developers have created more than 7 billion App Links-enabled URLs, adding that Bing expanded its search index to include apps and app actions, enabling content from App Links-enabled apps to appear in its search results.

Nancy Xiao of Parse’s developer marketing team added in the blog post that the move by Bing should help drive more app installs and boost engagement and re-engagement for apps, writing:

We’re going to continue investing in the App Links ecosystem and add App Links support to more Facebook products and services. We recently made it simpler for advertisers on Facebook to deep link directly to their content from mobile app install ads. For example, a travel app can run a Facebook ad promoting a trip to San Francisco, and then send people directly to that San Francisco deal (rather than the app’s homepage) when they first open the app after installation. Advertisers can also use the same features when they run a mobile app re-engagement ad.

And Bing senior product lead Vincent Wehren wrote in the blog post:

Bing has embraced App Links as one of the open standards for app publishers to participate in our index of apps and app actions, which allows our searchers to naturally discover and re-engage with their apps directly from Bing and Bing-powered search.

Developers: What are your thoughts on this news?

AppLinksBing David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.