Bing Adds Facebook Search, But Where Is It?

Earlier today Microsoft announced the new Bing Social which includes top articles shared on Facebook and was reportedly going to launch by the end of the day. It’s now 11:30 PM EST and the product still isn’t live so we haven’t had the opportunity to review it. Fortunately there is already a video available that demos some of the functionality and is included below.

In the announcement, Bing made sure to emphasize that no user data is being exposed through the search product, given the recent coverage of Facebook privacy. The information that’s being shared is “popular shared links from Facebook users in the aggregate form, and only from users who have set their status updates to be shared with ‘everyone.'” Bing has erred on the side of caution for now, deciding not to even share user images or names in the search results.

While it sounds exciting, the bigger question is: where is it? It was supposed to go live this afternoon but now that much of the east coast is going to bed, it’s still not accesible. We’d imagine that by tomorrow it will be up and running and that much of the Bing team is furiously working to get the product launched. In the meantime, you can dream about the interesting ways that search can be improved through integration with Facebook.

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