Bin Laden-Palooza: LA Times Isn’t Deemed Coverworthy*

Over at Poynter, Julie Moos has assembled a popular list of twenty-some-odd newspaper covers from across the country and their reactions to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Noticeably absent from that list: The LA Times. Pulitzer-success or no, looks like (to some) the Times is still an afterthought as an American paper of record.

Here’s the neglected cover in question:


*Update: Moos writes to explain her selection process. After the jump.

“As you note, I featured 20-some papers, and I deliberately curated only select ones, chosen in part to show diversity in headlines, photo treatment and use of type. I also wanted to show both tabloids and broadsheets. And it was important to include some small, medium and large papers. I looked at the LA Times, along with hundreds of others this morning, but it was similar to pages I had already included, so I did not add it.”