Colorado High School Stages ‘Balloon Boy’ Musical

On January 1, 2014, folks in Colorado started legally enjoying recreational weed. This weekend, thanks to an enterprising New York state high school student, the community of Monarch High School in Louisville will get a chance to revisit some fall 2009 cable news vapors.

Per CBS Denver reporter Suzanne McCarroll, Balloon Boy: The Musical opened last night and runs through tomorrow. All thanks to high school senior and playwright Billy Recce:

Recce began working on the story when he was in seventh grade — and it had a “seventh-grade kind of feel” to it, he said. But it matured with more adult themes over the past several years…

Recce entered his opening number, “Follow Your Dreams,” into Thespian Musicalworks, a competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. Representatives from Monarch met Recce at the festival and asked to stage his creation.

It sounds like the musical has a distinct Ace in the Hole flavor. Per the CBS report, the reporters featured in the musical are “unsubtle about the incident’s duality,” caring far more for the story than the well-being of the alleged, on-board nine-year-old.

To Recce, a student at Hauppauge High School in Hauppauge, New York, we say: Well done!