Pittard Sullivan Co-Founder Heads Back to School

Billy Pittard, a well-known name in LA advertising and branding circles, graduated from Middle Tennesse State University in 1978 with a bachelor of science degree in mass communications. He went on to found mega-agency Pittard Sullivan, which thrived during the good old days, and has continued to wield a lot of influence in his fields of specialty.

Now, he’s ready to say goodbye to the bright lights of LA and impart his wisdom upon the students of his Alma Mater as the new chairman of the school’s Department of Electronic Media Communication. Degrees are currently offered in media journalism, media management, media production, photography, digital animation, and digital media.

The gradual implosion of Pittard Sullivan in the late 1990s was directly tied to the first Internet bubble and left a lot of very bitter employees and creditors in its wake. With a new downturn still upon us, perhaps Pittard can channel some of what he learned then into extra curricular wisdom now.

On his personal website ForYourInspiration.net, Pittard recently blogged about the need for more creative inspiration in the U.S. ranks. The five-time Emmy Award winner is putting his money where his blogging is, and we wish him all the best with this exciting new endeavor.