Billy Joel vs. The Clintons

BlogHampton ponders whether to see Billy Joel at the Ross School, or have dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton at freshly-sued billionaire Ron Perelman‘s house:

The camps at Hillary and at Ross have both expressed concerns that one function will be taking away from the other, but getting out money from Hamptons pockets is never easy. You could always listen to Billy Joel on your iPod while having dinner with Bill, that might work. However, $9,200 is a little steep for dinner, $6,000 sounds like a bargain to go to a concert.”</blockquote

Now that we know that Bloomberg Television has the affluent audience, their take on the matter is decidedly pro-Billy Joel:

The summer’s prime symbol of excess is the concert series dubbed ‘Social @ Ross.’ Steven J. Ross, chief executive of Time Warner Inc., founded the bucolic Ross School with his wife, Courtney, in 1991. (Steve Ross died the following year.) Originally, ‘Social @ Ross’ sold only $15,000 tickets for the entire five-show series, which opened with Prince and closes with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on Aug. 25. But Meli found even the jet-and-helicopter set were reluctant to commit to five shows. The discounted $3,000 seats still are among the dearest concert tickets in the U.S. “The scene at the Ross School resembles a Central Park Great Lawn show, without the baseball diamonds or 500,000 souls. Meli limits attendance to 1,000 ticket buyers and about 500 sponsors, friends-of-friends and celebrities such as Chris Noth (Mr. Big on Sex and the City). There’s ample legroom and few obstructed views. “The stage is 95 feet wide, with beach chairs in front, resting on a massive beige carpet. Behind are wooden chairs with tables. Sofas in the rear are adjacent to the tented hospitality area. This past Saturday, for Dave Matthews, Adam Perry Lang of New York’s Daisy May’s BBQ USA oversaw a buffet dinner that included whole pig cooked in ‘Cajun China’ with Mojo sauce. David Blaine circulated doing card tricks.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga


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