Parsing the Seinfeld 9/11 Script

One minor spoiler.

Right off the bat, Billy Domineau’s imagined Seinfeld episode “The Twin Towers,”about how the beloved quartet might have been roped into 9/11, is hilariously on point. We are greeted, per usual, with a Jerry monologue snippet that sets up the episode’s general theme:

“You think they ever get backed up at the gates of Heaven? Too many people die at once, it just overwhelms the system. It’s gotta be like the DMV on a Friday …”

Domineau posted his script Tuesday, leading to a wave of media coverage and, more importantly, a connection to a new agent. In these overly politically correct times, it’s a welcome opportunity to be able to read a manuscript like this. For those new to the Domineau material who might be looking to fire off an outraged tweet this weekend, a good place to start is the subplot involving a pair of wire cutters lent by Kramer to his pal “Mo Atta.”

Something tells us if Seinfeld were around today, there would be an episode connecting one of the principals to Vice, with maybe a Shane Smith cameo thrown in for good measure. To see how that outlet yadda yadda-ed about Domineau’s spec script, click here.

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