Thanks to Billy Bush, Olympic Announcers Gliding from Russian Rink to Red Carpet

JohnnyWeirTaraLipinskyThe massive media attention paid during the Sochi Winter Olympics to Bob Costas’ eye problems and replacement-duty by Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira obscured another worthy performance: Billy Bush. The Access Hollywood host was sensationally smooth and entertaining throughout and now, for his Oscar weekend duties, is bringing a piece of the Olympics with him.

Per a report by LA Times film reporter Amy Kaufman, it is thanks to Bush that the post-Oscar episodes of the entertainment news magazine will have a very unlikely additional fashion critic duo – Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski:

Bush was the one who suggested the skating experts move their act from the ice rink to the red carpet. While conducting an interview with Weir in Russia, he suddenly had a stroke of inspiration, said Rob Silverstein, the entertainment show’s executive producer.

“He lit up and said, ‘You [and Tara] are doing Oscar red carpet for us,’” Silverstein said. “It hadn’t hit me yet, but as soon as Billy mentioned it, I thought it’d be great, so we made a deal with them in a day.”

Politically speaking, there’s no way Access Hollywood could have the ice skating duo real-time Web evaluating the decisions of Oscar “judges.” But wouldn’t that be delicious, especially if this pair also scored Academy Award nominees and 2013 winners for degrees of difficulty.

Leading up to the Oscar telecast, Access Hollywood will film Weir and Lipinski shopping in Hollywood for their own red carpet outfits.  All in all, we’re glad these rising broadcast-stars opted for the Oscars rather than gangster rap.

[Photo courtesy: NBC Sports]